Call: 210 381-7030


What I am:

  • A Sole Proprietor, home based accounting service
  • Low volume (as compared to most accounting firms,) and focused on sustained relationships with fewer clients.  In other words, I would prefer to expand service to an  existing client (example: monthly bookkeeping service) rather than seek an additional client. 
  • Small business oriented
  • Available for contract or project based accounting services, including services performed for other accounting firms.

What I am not:

  • A "Tax Return mill."  My success is not determined by how many tax returns generated but by  continued service, accuracy and personal attention  to detail. 
  • A "Full Service" accounting firm.  I do not perform Audit & Attestation services.  I will refer you to sources I have for this.  I would also refer to other Professionals whose  specialized knowledge would be a greater benefit in certain other areas (such as retirement planning and investment analysis.)
  • Limited to one approach, or one type of client.  I am open to a variety of client/service arrangements, which may include networking  with other  professionals and other accounting firms.